We are armed with the best tools and materials in the pest control industry. The following is a selection of our arsenal. The actual range of products we use covers many others, feel free to ask for more details.

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Termidor® offers the most effective, low-dose control of outdoor ants, roaches, and pests on the market. As a proven method, Termidor takes down pests with its dual-method where is spreads from pest to pest rapidly via contact and ingestion. This product’s unique Transfer EffectTM, it is easily picked up by pests and has a quick speed of kill – 1 to 3 days – but is slow-acting enough to ensure transfer throughout the population without causing the colony and nest to disperse.

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A Mainstay of the food service industry, Phantom is a A non repellent product with the ability to kill pests that are not in contact with the treatment areas. This is possible because of the “secondary kill” design of Phantom. It works as one insect exposes other insects to the product. Exposure occurs by contact, grooming and food exchange. By this process, Phantom’s incredible performance is able to control entire pest populations at low doses.

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With the proven performance and protection of its active ingredient, bifenthrin; the long residual control over of over 75 pests; Talstar is designed for indoor and outdoor pest control and designed for use inside food handling areas. Bifenthrin is largely odorless and safer than toxic products Dursban, Malathion, Diazinon. Talstar Insecticide lasts longer than these chemicals as well. Talstar is Safe, Endurance, and Effective.

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The EcoPCO line of EcoSmart products are designed as an Unscented version of our Eco Friendly Pest Control products that still provide the Quick knockdown for pest control inside and outdoors that can be safely applied around yourself, your family, pets in your home and in commercial food handling areas. This line of product is backed with the powerful EcoEXEMPT product line for a secure and safe pest control treatment.

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The EcoExempt line from EcoSmart features the same quick knockdown of pests indoor and outdoor of your home, except with a soft botanical scent. Highly versatile, this product is designed as a broad-spectrum treatment that can be used in commercial and residential applications and safe enough for misting, fogging, mosquito control, and even on-animal treatments by licensed Pet Professionals and Veterinarians.