Coronavirus Pandemic

Dear BellaBugs customers,

We are open for services at this time.

The pest control industry is considered as, “ESSENTIAL CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE WORKERS,” as defined by the Department of Homeland Security, and so our services will continue even during this crucial time. For more information you may visit,

Your health and well-being is always important to us. Therefore, we just want to ensure you that we are following the safety recommendations that are in place right now due to this pandemic. 

In order to keep serving our customers needs, we are doing the following:

All technicians and employees have disinfectants accessible to them and we encourage them to be hand washing at all times. All technicians will be wearing gloves and face masks while conducting services to reduce contact. We are still conducting exterior services and interior services at this time.

*In addition, any employee or technician not feeling well will be sent home.

Please take care and please refer to your local news cast stations and public health officials for further information on this pandemic.