Now is the Time to Take Action Against Rodents

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Few things can make your indoor living environment more unpleasant than an infestation of rodents.

Rodents are opportunistic creatures that will sneak into your home through the smallest cracks and set up shop keeping in your walls. Rodents are prolific breeders that can completely take over a home within a matter of a few short months. All rodents are capable of causing significant structural damage to homes and other buildings, and many rodents even carry disease. Large rodents also pose a danger to small children and pets because they have been known to attack. If you want to circumvent a situation where your household is seething with rodents, you should seek out the services of a rodent control company based in Austin, Texas.

Why Rodents are Difficult to Get Rid Of

Once rodents become established in a home, it can be very difficult to get them out. They are warm and comfortable living in your walls and have no reason to voluntarily set up shop outdoors. During spring, rodents begin to breed and are naturally looking for sheltered places to raise their young, and in the fall, they frequently seek shelter indoors when temperatures begin to drop. It’s surprisingly easy for rodents to gain access to the average home, and once inside, they are very difficult to get rid of. You may not even be aware of their presence at first, which gives them time to substantially increase their population by breeding.

Homeowners frequently try to eliminate rodent infestations on their own by using products purchased from grocery store shelves. Although these items can be somewhat effective against small mice populations, they often have very little effect. Their use also poses potential risks to children and household pests. If rodents have become a problem in your home, you are better off having the issue dealt with by a professional.

The Importance of Preventing Rodents From Accessing Your Home

Unless access to your home is properly prevented, rodents will continue to weasel their way into your indoor environment. After professional extermination has taken place and your home is rodent-free, you should make certain that every possible entryway to your home is thoroughly blocked. Even small holes that don’t look large enough for a rodent to squeeze though should be blocked. It is particularly important that this be done before nighttime temperatures in the fall cause rodents to seek shelter indoors. The process of searching for and plugging up holes should be repeated at least once per year.

The first signs of a household rodent infestation will probably be the presence of rodent droppings. You may also hear rodents squeaking in the walls during the night and hear their footsteps as they scamper around in the dark. Contacting a rodent control company as soon as these signs are noticed will prevent you from experiencing a full-blown rodent infestation. Call Bella Bugs Today For Immediate Austin Rodent Control Services!